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Hydraulic Drilling Choke Swako Style

Swaco* Style Hydraulic Drilling Choke

  • Ideal choke for precision control of flow rates.
  • Designed to provide positive seal.
  • Tungsten carbide wear sleeves extend choke’s serviceability life.
  • Rotary-style actuator allows for regulation of the opening from full open to full close.
ItemQtyPart NumberDescription
1194-36-230Spool, Outlet 2-9/16″ 10,000 PSI H2S
2396-11-111Sleeve, Wear 10,000 PSI Choke
3196-11-216Sleeve, Flange Protector Wear
41614-04-183Screw, Ferry HD
6294-36-200Pin, 3/8″
9196-11-215Back Disc Assembly
10196-11-214Front Disc Assembly
11194-36-105Body, Choke 10,000 PSI H2S
12194-36-130Fork, Turning 10,000 PSI H2S W/Item 28
13196-11-428Thrust Bearing
15239-67-916Ring Back Up
18294-36-207Pin, 187 D
19196-11-127Shaft Bushing
21194-36-014Calibration Band 1-9/16″ Fully Open
22114-08-083Screw, SOC HD
231214-04-163Screw, Ferry HD
24194-36-035Bonnet W/Item 13 and 19, 10,000 PSI Choke H2S
25158-67-261Pin, Back Disc Super Choke ¼” DIA
26214-92-033Screw, Drive
27194-36-145Handle, 5/8″ X 16″ (Not Shown)
28158-67-256Pin 187 D”
29194-36-160Head, Indicator, 10,000 PSI Choke
30196-11-419O-Ring Kit (Items: 5,7,8,14,15,16,17,20)